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Friday, January 11, 2008

Lorna's VO mixte

I finally completed building up Lorna's mixte. The fork and frame were made for her by Ahren Rogers, under contract to Velo Orange, a company specializing in vintage French components and bicycles. It has an 8 speed, internal-geared Sturmey-Archer rear hub, 650b wheels, Honjo hammered aluminum fenders, a vintage Perle chainguard, T-A crankset, Paul centerpull brakes, and a Brooks saddle and bag. The handbars are covered with laced-on elkhide, tough, yet soft to the touch. Our friends Eli and Lovina Hershberger, an Amish couple from Viroqua, made the basket. Pretty spiffy little bike, I think.


Chris Kulczycki said...

Very nice job Gunnar. Bravo!

Alan said...

At a boy Gunnar. Nice bike by the way. I look forward to more posts.

Joel said...

Sweet klunker. I wouldn't mind putting some miles on it.... And ya gotta love Sturmey-Archer hubs.

Ahren said...

Hey, nice bike!

Adena said...

Hey dad!
Sorry for not looking at this sooner, I've been in my own little world. Your blog is so cool and very sweet. It makes me miss you. I forgot that you were such an interesting guy. It has definitely inspired me to post more on my blog. hope all is well. love you!