Odin sacrificed an eye, trading eyesight for insight, and disguised as Vegtam the Wanderer, traveled the world in quest of the wisdom of the ages. At this point I have that eye sacrifice part covered. I will get back to you on the wisdom.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Clubtail is Airborne

The Plains Clubtail Dragonfly...and my stylized cut brass clubtail brazed on the downtube. Take my word for it, the color match is dead on.

After a couple of setbacks, my daughter's bicycle is rolling, or at least capable of rolling. Is a nice, trim bike, built to be as versatile as possible. It has wide tires, heavy enough to handle whatever gets thrown at them. Except for the flashy colors, it is a little old school with classic lines which tend to hide the fact that it has a relatively modern 16 speed indexed (Campagnolo Ergo-8)drivetrain and LED headlight and taillight.

The only left to do is possibly install a trim French style rear rack and dial in the seat and bar position if and when the prodigal daughter returns from her ongoing adventures.

Note that the stem lugs and frame lugs match - the same curly style; a nice touch I think.