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Monday, September 22, 2008

Weather Bulletin: Hell Has Frozen Over

One year ago, I retired; that is, I got fed up with the direction the ship was going, the clueless people who were at the helm, and I didn't need to work anymore. When I skipped gleefully down the sidewalk the last day, I swore I'd never set foot in that building again. I am fortunate to have some skills that people are willing to pay well for and I've worked off and on for others in the past year. Then last week my former employer called with an offer of employment. There has been a management turnover and I guess the bitter taste has faded. Today I went in and worked my first 4 hour day - a couple of months, maybe more if I'd like - not likely, but I'll keep my options open. The King has returned.

As my buddy Lyle said, "Back in the saddle again, but with fewer miles of fence to ride."
(Thanks for the pic, Rev Dick.)

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