Friday, November 25, 2011

Smalltown Pleasures

On the spur of the moment the ladies and I decided to make a run down to Worth Brewing this evening. Before Lorna and I left to pick up Add at a friend's house, I called Soups Pizza in Northwood to place an order for a Hot and Spicy Peno pizza, thin crust, easy on the Jalapenos. The woman took my order and asked if we wanted it delivered to the pub? And how many plates did we need? She did not ask for my name nor a phone number nor credit card number. Now I understand caller I.D. and all, but it struck me as being a very casual transaction. When we got out of the Honda in front of Worth Brewing, I asked Lorna and Add to stake out a table while I checked on the pizza. As I walked in the door of Soup's, she looked up and said, "Hot and Spicey Peno, right?"  Right. The pizza was just ready and waiting for delivery. "How would you have known who to deliver it to?" "Oh, I recognized your voice." My voice? I also should have ordered some of the buffalo wings, which Add, world traveler, has declared as to be the best ever. Maybe next time.

(If ya ain't got nothin" to write about, write about nothing.)


Oldfool said...

Nothing like that down here on the southern edge.
I guess I shouldn't complain, I'm eating vine ripe tomatoes from my garden.

Gunnar Berg said...

Sounds very good, but I wouldn't trade.

George A said...

Now that's service! We used to have a great family run Pizza joint which operated out of a dingy hole in the wall location at a local strip mall. Wonderful pie, eggplant parm, etc. The place lived up to it's name: "Happy Italian Delight".

Then the super market which was also located in that strip mall decided that they'd outgrown their cramped quarters, obtained controlling rights to the property, razed the old mall and built a new ginormous grocery store/strip mall. The new building had many fewer and over-priced rental spots for small business like our much loved pizza joint. The upshot of this squeeze play was that the family that made great Italian food couldn't afford the new, higher rent and ceased to do business. That was about 10 years ago and I'm still in mourning.

So you're truly blessed to have a great pizza place smack dab next to a great craft brewery. I'm green with envy!