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Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Perfect Present

Christmas Eve:
Addy gave me a signed and numbered Adam Turmam 18 x 24" screen print of this. It's hard to see on this photo, but right under "Ride Gravel" in small letters it says "Southern Minnesota". I should have been suspicious when she said The Growlery needed some pictures. She was right. Now, all I need is a picture frame.

Thanks Addy, I love you.


Silk Hope said...

Right up your alley.

Margadant said...

The Lass has great taste -- and great sources.

Grady said...

What a nice gift!

What a great print.

Reminds me to get my postcard in for the Almonzo.

..and to put together a bicycle for the event.

Gunnar Berg said...

@Grady, Next time you're flyfishing bring a proper gravel bike along. The back roads between Lanesboro and Preston are wonderful - narrow twisting picturesque country lanes winding through woods and pastures.

Mark Stonich said...

Jane and I spent much of the '90s exploring the limestone roads of Filmore and Houston counties on our homebuilt recumbent tandem. Much to be discovered, such as a 1859 stone stagecoach station, hard by a 2 rut “minimum maintenance” road, somewhere between Preston and Harmony.

IMHO The queen of all roads there is Co Hwy 23, a 6+ mile gradual downhill, from near Highland to Whalan. Gently curving it's way down alongside Gribben Creek. Limestone so smooth that taking curves at 30-35mph with a full touring load was drama free. (Of course when you are on a tandem recumbent, all of your best memories are of downhills.)

One time we frightened a Blue Heron who was in the creek. He took off but the trees were so thick over the creek, and his wings so long, he had to fly just ahead of us for about 100 yards till he could escape the arboreal tunnel.

About 2 miles south of Whalan, in a clearing between the road and the bluff, is the limestone shell of an abandoned building with trees growing up inside. (Once upon a time I knew what it had been. A mill I think, but 10 years on Lipitor has left quite a few bad sectors in the old hard drive.) At this point the creek is against the bluff and a spring adds pure cold water where fresh watercress can be picked. Even in January, while steam rises off the relatively warm water flowing out of the base of the limestone bluff.

Gunnar Berg said...

@Mark, Happy coming year to you and Jane. Be well.

Tony T. said...

Very nice print. The Growlery is coming along nicely. I was visiting with the wife's family in Loudon County (northern) Virginia this past week and stumbled into a bike shop tucked away in Lovettesville, VA that has a nice collection of old bikes including a McLean!