Saturday, January 7, 2012

Miscellaneous For Sat 1/7/12

Yesterday I mentioned that on my little bicycle jaunt around town I stopped at the local hardware store (casual bicycling in January in Minnesota!). I was there to pick up a handful of 5/16-18 x 3/4" carriage bolts. These are the size that fit the threaded plastic knobs I purchased from Amazon. They make a nice chain retainer for a frame without the wheelset. I throw in a big washer on the inside, not that it's necessary, but I think it looks better.

I've been looking for curtains the screen the view from the prying eyes of bicycle thieves. Nothing seemed right, or it cost money. Chuck Schmidt had a half price Christmas special on T-shirts, so I bought one with the Galmozzi logo. The backside has "Galmossi" in large letters across the shoulders. Very cool. Looking for a place to hang it, I draped it over the window. I think I have found my curtains.

Another Adam Turman picture to go with the one that I received for Christmas.

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George A said...

Gunnar: If you want privacy go to Home Despot and buy a roller blind or venetian blind for your window (probably no more than $10 bucks. Hanging that T-shirt is just an advertisement of what's inside your Sanctum. I know guys who have high dollar vintage race cars and those cars are tucked away in nondescript buildings with absolutely no hint of what's on the inside. No racy decals on the doors, no logos, no nothin'. To the casual opportunist's eye those buildings appear to contain nothing worth the risk of burgling.