Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Random Growlery Shots

I have been continuing to piddle around upgrading the Growlery. I have also acquired one of those new- fangled camera/phones. Here's how the Growlery looks today. Still a lot of work to do. There seems to be lot going on, though keep in mind, the building interior is only 8 x 11 feet and I have to jam a lot in it.

Eventually I plan beadboard doors on the bottom two shelves and tool hanging pegs on either side of the alcove. In the right corner you can see one of the in-wall speakers. There's also a subwoofer under the desk. Music.

From left to right:  I need to build a wooden case for the loose drawers which were originally made by the late Joe Kovenig. They really aren't anything special, just a connection for me. Eventually the under-drawers will be replaced by one single full-length drawer. The gray box in the center is a refrigerator. Beer. The tool box on the right rests on a castered cabinet.

What can I say?  A bunch of books and some sentimental junk.

And pictures. And a dozen pickup trucks parading around the room.
"Good people drink good beer."


Brooks said...

I cannot possibly be more jealous. I would love to have a space like this.

Gunnar Berg said...

I am fortunate in many ways. Take an inventory, I am certain there are many things in your world I would envy.

Kurt said...

You have found a worthy place for your piss leaves. Although, It does make target practice harder.

reverend dick said...

I drink crappy beer. Hmmm.

Gunnar Berg said...

Maybe the question should be, would you drink better beer if it was an option?

Then again, what the hell did Hunter S. Thompsomn know about beer anyway?

reverend dick said...

Good beer is readily available. There was a period in my life when I appreciated good beer(s), but anymore it is just not worth it in $ or heaviness. I just want a can or 9 that won't cut me when I crash on them and won't be too chewy to shotgun after and during a hard effort on the bike.

I do appreciate your growlery.

Gunnar Berg said...