Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The 'Boro: Food, Art, Theatre, Bicycles

We bought our cottage in Lanesboro for a number of reasons, some listed above. I intended to record some of all of that in one posting. My hearing is not what it was and the dining room of the Old Village Hall can be loud with laughter, chatter and clatter, so we tend to eat in the bar where it is quieter.

Saturday evening a young man, Jesse was working the bar, giving us just a little room. Then the owner, John Pieper came in and started jawboning us about the evils of political fund raising. John is the new Democratic candidate for the State House against an old, long time incumbent, his first venture into politics. I am not a legal resident of Lanesboro so cannot vote for him anyway, but he was nevertheless in campaign mode. Yeah, we've know him for years so we will probably give him a few dollars, because the incumbent has acquired some baggage over the years and it is time for him to retire, one way or another.

I did manage to record the salad and appetizer before I became distracted by all the evils of local politics.

Bar at the Village Hall

Sunday morning we walked down to the Pastry Shoppe for breakfast. The weekend was the Commonweal Theatre's 17th Annual Henrik Ibsen Festival so the the place was filled with morose Norwegian theatre goers and we were fortunate to grab the last small window table. We both had a quiche - no pictures, but Brett consistently makes absolute knockout food. 

After we ate we walked up the street to the Commonweal Theatre to look at the Saami exhibit in the lobby. The Saami are what we grew up knowing as Lapps, which I learned is a derogatory term. Whatever they call themselves, their clothing, jewelry and tools are beautiful. 

More of the Commonweal Theatre lobby:

Lorna and Henrik

Where do old tools go when the die? They become tool angels and fly below the high ceiling on the Commonweal Theatre lobby. The lobby is a large space, this is only a small piece of the Karl Unnash installation of the cultural debris of Lanesboro's past.  

And an upside down sitting room?

Back up at our cottage on Church Hill, the view from the king's throne. 

The queen. The real power behind the throne.
The obligatory bicycle picture - a 1986 Peter Mooney hanging on the cottage wall.

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George A said...

Nice Sammi exhibit. Nice views of the house interior. Thanks for the tour.