Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wood Warblers

First, a picture of yours truly, hot on the warbler trail. As I look at it, I realize that as I have aged and comfort has overcome style, I find myself balanced on a knife-edge, teetering dangerously between normality and eccentricity, strongly leaning toward the side of full-blown wackitude - which at this point in my life suits me fine. A chair? One just has to pace one's self.

Okay, now on to the results of the above concentration. Most of the following pictures were taken by me in the past two days here at 1410, a few by Lorna. These pictures are for those people who have never seen them, or never noticed them, and for our Brit friends who never have a chance to see them. 

American Redstart - a bird that has to be seen in
motion to truly appreciate.

Golden-winged Warbler -  uncommon and declining.

Palm Warbler

Northern Parula

A Parula dropping to a lower branch of a forsythia to
 search for insects.
Chestnut-sided Warbler
Wilson's Warbler

Yellow Warbler

Blue-winged Warbler

Tennesse Warbler
Common Yellowthroat

Cape May Warbler

Magnolia Warbler

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Nashville Warbler
Least Flycatcher. Not a warbler, but after most of the Wood Warblers have moved on, it'll still be in Oakwood. And he is a beautiful thing.

There were a couple others that we didn't get photos of ... or Gunnar's getting tired of this editing/posting thing.


Redwing said...

Wow, warbler heaven at OakWooD. I am very jealous, but enjoying the photos. Great shot of the diving Parula. And the Tennessee. And I do like the shot of you working from that chair, conserving energy.

Redwing said...

And the Golden-winged...what a treat. Now I can see you giving pride of place to the Restart, but I'm tempted to give that honor to the Golden-winged. Especially as it is as you say declining.

Gunnar Berg said...

All the pictures were taken in the Forsythia hedge and adjoining lawn. There was action high in the oaks, but we really didn't look up much because there was too much going on in front of us. I actually laid on my back under the bushes for a while. While relaxing it proved to be awkward for photography. ;-)

George A said...

For once you've trumped me. Forsythias aren't yet in bloom here in Maryland. Azeleas yes, but not forsythias.

Linda said...

These are really outstanding pictures and you didn't even have to drive to Texas. Good job Gunnar.

Anonymous said...

you are in fact getting really good at this photography thing. beautiful. have you tried entering them in any contest or maybe the photo contest in the paper? jamie is due tomorrow to have her little girl. kirby would be a grandfather. wow. <3

Athena A. Berg