Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cheap Cigars

I really would prefer Onyx Reserves, but the world being what it is - unfair and pay as you go, I don't often smoke them. The maduro torpedoes I smoke don't have a fancy embossed paper ring, no one is claiming them. Actually they are are La Tabaquerias (which I think means something generic like "the tobacco dealer"). Whoever rolls them they are pretty decent Dominicans, hand rolled out of decent whole leaf, they taste okay, stay rolled tight, burn even and stay lit. So why this posting? The other day one of them was burning strange, the ash was really long and firm, like there was a stick in it. I grabbed a needle-nose pliers and pulled out the "stick". The 3" bobby pin in the photo was at the core of that aberrant stogie. A free prize!

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