Friday, March 18, 2016


Back home in Minnesota; relatively mild with fresh snow this afternoon and more tomorrow - likely melt within a day. Before the snow covered them up I was admiring some subtly beautiful Cream Beauty snow crocuses peeking through the grass on the Butterfly Garden slope. I planted them over 20 years ago and some years they come and go without anyone seeing them. I am older and wiser now, I sought them out.

No bird pictures here, so this is a set I took two years ago of a Northern Beardless Tyrannulet, a nondescript bird, a rare bird, that is famous for being shorter than its name. And also for eluding Brian Plath. I have faith, he will get to see it, though possibly not this year - one of those birds that bring us back for more.

(Just an observation - spellcheck only knows words you already know how to spell. He or she doesn't like "Tyrannulet", but doesn't give me any spelling options. I think I'm close so I'm going with it rather than looking it up.)

Getting the feathers just right for the photo op:

"Okay, now."

I'd be in front of the fire if I could afford a fireplace - Gunnar

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