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Monday, April 25, 2016

Hvoslev In Spring

Fillmore County is drained by a web of trout streams. About 5 miles east and south of Preston the Hvoslev wma is a 240 acre jewel tucked in a small wooded valley which embraces a stretch of the South Branch of the Root River. All you "wormers" take heed, this is flyfishing church, and like any trout water worth the name, this is a stream for artificial flies, catch and release only. 
"It was into this setting that Johan Hvoslef—a Norwegian immigrant fresh from medical school in Chicago moved in 1876. He observed nature here for 44 years, filling 56 notebooks with accounts of his daily activities, world events, local weather, birds, and plants. Among the notations: 
“August 3, 1896. I saw an Ectopistes migratorius (passenger pigeon) near Ole Bendikson's. This was the last wild pigeon I ever saw.” 
After Hvoslef's death in 1920, his wife presented the diaries to what is now the Bell Museum of Natural History at the University of Minnesota."

We took the risk.
Good road, but a truck road.

Mini island.

Water over the bridge.

Spring fed.


Enjoy the water, be well - Gunnar


Margadant said...

To have grown up in that vicinity and never have heard a word about this gem -- unbelievable. You owe it to those old Norwegians to limber up one of your old split rods and wet a line. Nice find.

Coline said...

A touch jealous, pine plantation planted in sand dunes round here...

BullishOnRhubarb said...

If you are not careful you just might crush a morel mushroom or two stumbling about out there in the next month.

Linda said...

Wonderful post and beautiful photos!

Gunnar Berg said...

Welcome Linda, I am glad you enjoyed your visit.