Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Not much today. We took our last recycling run to Edinburgh and thought we might take a quick look at the Edinburgh Wetlands, but the skies were grim - it started raining so we headed toward home. On the way south to Alamo it cleared off a little, so we swung over to visit the San Juan Wetlands. Let us say it out loud right now, down here "wetlands", be it in South Padre, Edinburgh or San Juan, is just another moniker for "sewage settling ponds". Birds do not seem to mind, they cannot smell, so settling ponds usually have birds. San Juan, which abuts Alamo, is a small town so the five ponds are small and there is a small adjacent picnic park, which is not as disgusting as that might seem. It is actually a rather pleasant place.

Black-bellied Whistling Ducks

After leaving San Juan we drove east and drove a loop around the fields south of Alamo. As I was driving and the birds tended to be far away I did not have many opportunities to take photographs, but Lorna took some shots of a Meadowlark and took a couple of nice pictures of Horned Larks. 

Getting close to lift off time. - Gunnar

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