Saturday, June 3, 2017

Water feature system

For Butch:
I tried taking a video of the water like you did of your pool, but it was impossible; so here are a handful of sequence stills.

This began twenty years ago with a small galvanized "cow tank" to which I added a small pump and fountain, mostly for the birds. Over time rocks were stacked and plants were added. Now tank is behind a row of hostas. The back half of the tank is under rocks and some creeping plants; the front of the top is an access to a pump and filter.  Eventually I think I can completely conceal the tank.

The pump pushes water  up the hill in a concealed hose and accesses the rock garden "spring" under a a fairly large Creeping Yew.

 It flows out of a mini grotto, down a shallow stream birdbath ...

and spills over a tiny waterfall ....

... into a sunken pool, over a piece of petrified wood into a lower pool under the rocks that spills down into the tank.

- Gunnar


M.j.P. said...

Thanks, Gunnar -- That kind of quality only happens "over time" and paying attention to detail. It's everything to nature, and more, as mine is to culture (geometry). In these 32 years since I built mine from the foundation rock of an old house downtown, I've never not wanted a natural one coming down out of the spruces and connecting into the upper pool. Maybe next lifetime. : ) Thanks again.

Gunnar Berg said...

We are running out of lifetimes and waiting for the next owner to tear it out and turn it into sterile ground again.