Friday, August 4, 2017

Too Many Flowers (and a Warbler)

Checking the state of the far reaches of my vast estate this morning I walked down the weed garden path to update the headcount of flowers and butterflies. Among the smaller butterflies there was a single large Yellow Swallowtail feeding, wings flat to the sun to raise its metabolism to an efficient operating range. A very pretty bug. I had a camera with me, but the flower jungle is about eye level and peeking through the flowers it was difficult to get a clear shot of it without a ladder and all the photos would have been edge shots.  Eventually it settled in an open area, lifted its wings and I took a couple of photos.

Later I spent part of the afternoon cutting up some boards from the scrap pile behind the shed to build a rough bench for the Growlery entry area. Okay, I spent most of the day - and I only got a good running start on the project. Pacing myself. While I was "resting" (again) there was a flash of yellow in the tree above, not typical Goldfinch color and motion, but Warbler type flitting and yellow tone. It caught my attention so I laid my camera in my lap just in case the bird actually showed itself. Eventually it dropped out of the leafy foliage and I got some shots. I am calling "female or first year Yellow Warbler". This is a somewhat educated guess and I will not defend the call under any circumstance. Whatever, it was a good bird.

Either an enormous bird, or a small bird and a very small dwarf hosta. 

Still a bench warmer - Gunnar the B.

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