Monday, August 6, 2018

Down On the Farm

Sunday 8/5/2018. The progeny of Harry and Adena Nelson:
Lorna, her cousins, their husbands and wives, having a potluck at the home of Fritz and Margaret Jensen Sunday. 

Photos by Bob Nelson? Or Patti? Anyway someone sent them to me via a text message, and there does not seem to be any including Bob or Patti.

And a photo by me ... a gardener who was too busy talking to people to take photos of people talking to people. Margaret does not know how old this bonzai maple is, but she has been its keeper for 30 years.

Family? Those people who will loan you money if you really need it, with the knowledge that they will probably never be repaid.
- Gunnar

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Coline said...

Here I am thinking you have fallen off your perch and there you are just partying! Good on you.