Wednesday, January 9, 2019

blah, blah, blah.

Nothing new today. Started on the 8:30 group bird walk at Estero with Lorna. There were far too many watchers. My stress of crowds overcame my love of birds. I dropped out almost immediately and walked back to the "Tropical Zone" for an hour looking for a Groove-billed Ani. Talked to Rick Snider for a half an hour about the difficulty of indentifying female hummingbirds during molt - probably longer. Looked for the Ani some more. Sat with Doug and May at a picnic table and talked with our eyes scanning the trees for another half hour. Then moved to the old drip and sat at the long bench with Keith Camburn talking, always scanning the environment for birds, seeing some, but nothing very unusual. Took a photo now and then.

Lorna and I bumped into Brian and Jutta, walked with them for a while - then we all went to the Blue Onion for a long lunch. Really good. Went home to the apartment and set up the Roku. Wrote checks. Went to buy stamps to mail them. Stopped on the way back at the doctor. (Our host's wife is a doctor. She saw me as a drop in.)  Back home, checking emails, etc. Went to the drug store to pick up a prescription. Nope, "Ready in 20 minutes". Went back home. Later went back and actually picked up the prescription. Watched Trump stuff on MSNBC. 

Boring isn't it? It isn't all birds and butterflies. Sometimes life is walking in the sun, talking to friends, thankful we have the health, resources and time to simply piss away a day or two. 

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