Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Bensten State Park

This morning we drove to Bensten State Park south of McAllen. Along the way we stopped at Americana RV Park to visit friends and try to get a look at the Black-throated Gray Warbler. Did not see it, but we had a nice walk and talk - saw a flock of Green Parakeets in their trees. Jezz there are a lot of parakeets and parrots in valley now. The numbers seem to double every year, and eventually by my Clarks Grove math that will equal ... one shitload of psittacines.

Then down to Bensten State Park. We walked more than we intended (code for "lost"). We took  some of birds which are ordinary down here - and marvelous if you are from Minnesota and see them for the first time.

And as we were leaving an old man backed into our truck. He seemed confused. No damage to us, some to his. - Gunnar

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