Sunday, July 21, 2019

Garden 9/17/2019

Here are some cellphone shots of the garden taken three days ago. (Before the storm.) The Asiatic Lilies are starting to fade, but the Daylilies are kicking in. The photos of the plantings along and behind the dry stream is already obsolete of course. Recently it is where my energy has been directed. 


Coline said...

First day lily of the season today, I should have got more organised and found a variety of colours instead of just orange!

George A said...

Very pleasant garden, Gunner. All of our lilies are long gone accept for the orange day lilies.

Serendipity Gardens, Carol Lang said...

Gorgeous as always. The storm did minor damage at our house we lost a branch on the pagoda dogwood, a few flowers were bent to the grown with broken stems but we were very lucky.