Saturday, June 20, 2020

Too Many Plants

My friend Keith has a marvelous garden which I have only experienced in online photos.  He has great hostas, irises, lilies, mulched and spaced so one can appreciate them from 360 degrees. He has incredible discipline. I do not. Even though I have pretty much as much space as I want to expand my gardens, I do not - so it is a free-for-all with plants jammed in, fighting tooth and claw (root and stem?) for space, light and food. Not exactly survival of the fittest ... but close. Many survive only because I am continually lifting, dividing, transplanting, gifting and composting.

(pictures for Keith Camburn)



Unknown said...

We have noticed that as we slow down, our plants take the opportunity to grow like heck. Seems like only last spring that week gave a way a ton of plants. HA! Three years ago already! I think the bum that came up with 'Miracle Grow' had us pegged. So much for just using it on the annuals.

Gunnar Berg said...

Dear "Unknown".
I have never used any commercial fertilizers except on annuals and slow release on Tree Peonies.


Kurt said...

I am happy that last summer I could make a tiny contribution to your overpopulation problem. The wild ginger, miniature sedum and miniature Hosta are doing great. The dwarf Iris did not make it. It must have the two week trip home in the back seat of my car.
A belated thanks for your plants.

Gunnar Berg said...

We will try again next time.