Friday, May 29, 2009

Killdeer (for Lorna)


Aldo said...

Fun video. I'll always remember my first encounter with a Killdeer protecting its nest - we were exploring a pioneer cemetery when a Killdeer suddenly ran across the gravel drive ahead of us, fell over on its left side, flapping "broken" right wing, then ran back across gravel, fell over on right side and flapped "broken" left wing, then flew up onto a headstone, back down in a bare patch, and rocked back-and-forth with two "broken" wings. What a great act! I the end it flew up and through a wire fence, then looped around behind me to start the act all over again.

The eggs lay on the unpaved drive, almost but not quite invisible against the rocks and gravel.

Thanks for posting the video.

reverend dick said...

The killdeer reminds me of Tom Spanbauer's UNBELIEVABLE western, "The Man Who Fell in Love With the Moon".
Quite the read.