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Saturday, May 2, 2009

On Sautering, Moseying and Meandering

It is Saturday... so this morning L.P. picked me up to make a breakfast run. A "run" probably isn't an accurate description. He tends to drive around a while, apparently aimlessly, and eventually as if by mistake, ends up at his destination. For while he tried to see how many different routes he could take driving across town from home to work. It took a couple of months before he found himself repeating. Getting to breakfast he'll take a short cut, only because of hunger, going just a few blocks out of the way. After we eat, it's anybodys guess. On our way from The Elbow Room to my house we've meandered on gravel roads as far as Beaver Lake, which is 30 miles out of the way. If he sees a house or something that interests him, he'll pull over and spend time looking, just taking it in. This morning as we looped around the back way we passed a brick house painted bright red with dark blue accents. As we slowed to a crawl to take it in, I noticed a BEWARE OF THE DOG sign in the window. One of my rules for survival is if I see a dog warning sign on a house that has a sofa as lawn furniture, I take it seriously.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Gunnar - crying like a baby here.

Todd said...

Lots of sofas on porches and in front yards here in Oregon (with and without BEWARE OF THE DOG signs). Wonder if they came from Minnysoda?

L.P sounds like a well-traveled guy (around the county at least) who you should continue to ride shotgun with for many years to come ... as long as he gets you to breakfast first!

Gunnar Berg said...

I've been riding shotgun with LP for 60 years. Seriously.