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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Ghost Gets Bagged

The Ghost is evolving into a fast day tourer. Because of the difficulties of installing front bags with sidepull brakes I have lived with a small seat bag for years. (No! Not Lorna!!!) The bag that I finally committed to is made by Inujirushi, which was a special order from Jitensha Studio. In hindsight I should have bought a smaller bag, particularly one that was shallower front to back. I think I was smitten by it's blue color and clean lines.

This is the chrome rack from Velo Orange. Because of all the issues involved with putting a bag on side pull brakes, it required a little modification. There was not enough clearance between the brake and the fender to insert the tange as intended. I bent the rear tange down and drilled a hole to mount it to the bolt of the Modolo brake. This may not work with all sidepulls, but the Modolo Pros have separate threading for the calipers and the fork mount. It took some bending round to get the tab angle perfect, but it works well, the caliper is snug and rotates freely. Yippee!

The V.O. provided clamps proved to be an advantage, as it allowed some flexibility in the mounting angles. After I got it loosely installed I played around with the angle and bent the rear bag loop until everything cleared the brakes and the bag sat square to the world. I still haven't drilled the front fender for the rack attachment, and this winter I'll have eyelets welded to the fork for the rack stays which should clean up the lines a little. And!...I have material set aside for white mudflaps... small white mudflaps! Oh yeah.

And for those of you who find that the angle of the bars or rack is "awkward", I submit this, a 1947 Daniel Rebour drawing of a Rene Herse. It is amazing how often the old boys had it right. Anyone want to step forward and challenge Monsieur Hearse, the frickin' le Parrain of touring bikes? Huh? Huh? I thought not.


reverend dick said...

That (photoshopped) illustration is clearly depicting a poorly adjusted bicycle going uphill.

I don't even know what a parrain is, but I know pariah.

Margadant said...

Just crawled back in from two days in the Badlands proposed wilderness. I faithfully check you blog to get current and find you're riffing on Lorna. She must still be in Bangkok and counted upon to miss the bag reference. The Ghost looks great and deserves more than this poor humor fueled by false courage.