Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Lighthouse Keeper's World

Pictures secreted from the Lighthouse Keeper's leather bound album, the Face Book:

The Lighthouse Keeper doesn't work in heaven, but on special hazy mornings you can see it, see heaven through the mist out on Superior to the East, just at the horizon where the silver turns to blue.

The picture to the right appears posed, as it makes it seem as if the Keeper is working. Ah, but I know him well - most of the years of his ill spent life. It is definitely posed.

In these days of radar and GPS, the big light is only fired up once a week or so, just for the tourists...and for the memory of the vigilant Keepers...who still work to keep us safe.

The shot to the left is more the way the young Keeper truly is - loose and free, comfortable in his own idleness. But still ready and able to guide a wayfaring stranger to safety or to the pie shop up the road.

And then there is the Keeper's Lady, the sweet Carolyn. As it is with most young women and men, she is more than he deserves, but nevertheless I wish her well on her chosen folly.

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