Oakwood owl counting
pilgrims at the Stryx end gate,
"Whooo passes this night?"

Monday, August 3, 2009

Vassar's Boogie

Back in the Seventies, before the invention of electricity, Ms Lorna and I were groupies, following Vassar Clements, who never really had a band, but played with various musical groups. Looking back it seems the only musical common denominator was a crowd smoking marijuana. Over the years Vassar played with every Bluegrass group ever assembled, as well as groups like the Grateful Dead and various Jazz ensembles. He was a hired gun... er fiddle, playing with anyone who wanted a killer in the back row. I recall an interview where he was asked who his musical influence was. "Miles Davis." Huh? Obviously more subtle than I could hear. He died in 2005. Vassar could flat out play the fiddle. Following is a live recording.

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Jonny Hamachi said...

Did you ever see Dr. Bob and the Headliners Featuring the White Raven? Back in the 70's? Midwest Party Band. Friends of my Pops. Saw them a lot around Madison as a rugrat.

Just checkin.