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guards the exit gate, quizzing all
Who will pass this night?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Funeral Music

I am not a religious man. I dislike churches. I really don't want a funeral. But when I die I may not be in control anymore. So if you people who are in control really need a funeral, this is what I want for my music and this is who I want to sing it. Bring them back if you have to.



Justine Valinotti said...

Those are great choices.

What got you to thinking about funerals?

Gunnar Berg said...

Getting older, Feeling more mortal. I like the music. Read the last line of this obit:

Silk Hope said...

Something we should know. When I saw you in July you look pretty spry.

Gunnar Berg said...

Still spry. I've lost weight since then. On the last hole in my belt. Didn't like getting dropped on that little hill. ;-)

jusvelos said...

how much weight have you lost?

Gunnar Berg said...

I have no idea. I've haven't been on a scale in years. I was fat when I started and I'm still fat, but I'm gaining - rather I'm still losing.