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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Small Projects

When they knocked down the house next door I came in to possession of a newer Anderson 30w x 36h casement window. This summer the garden view from The Growlery is going to take a quantum leap forward. I'm also going to block off the other two windows as I find I require wall space more than small windows.

I'm also going to build two facing benches (with exceptionally wide, flat arms) on the tiny patio outside the door. These will be dubbed the Gabus Benches, as we designed them on a hot afternoon after killing quite a lot of beer.

With the two houses we now have four perennial gardens that need maintaining and expanding. I'm slow, tend to be lazy and I'm not certain I can live long enough to finish all this stuff, but I'm going to try to stay above ground as long as necessary.


Margadant said...

Not to worry; you're not the type to waste a good casement window.

Gunnar Berg said...