Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cjell Hotdog Pose

From Mountain Flyer Magazine today. Nice. Our lad is doing really well. But even if the name is marginally bogus, they could have at least spelled it right - Cjell.
Tour Divide north bounder, Cjel Money, stops to strike a pose at sunset in the Great Divide Basin. Cjel is currently the first placed American, and on pace to set a new singlespeed record on his own hand made bike.


G Sterner said...

The Chico "stalker" was oh, so near... Cjell had, alas, traversed Lima and Polaris. Our entire vehicles, headed for a vacation cabin in Grasshopper Valley, just a tad too late! All were apprised: keep an eye out for a northbounder in orange. Alas, he's just too speedy for us. Great going Cjell!

Gunnar Berg said...

I think he's going to call it quits at the border, maybe Whitefish, as the trails are out from flooding. Too bad, he would have been first Smerican finisher, and set a northbound and singlespeed record.