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Saturday, June 15, 2013

No-Brainer Cowboy Cadillac

Yesterday I was in Lanesboro mowing the lawn at our cottage. While I was there I took these photos. This car? truck?... This vehicle sits off the alley behind Gordy and Val's house down the hill from us.  He put it together from an old Cadillac flower car - a pickup designed to transport funeral flowers. "A Cadillac El Camino", as Gordy puts it.

This was Gordon's winter project. He put it together in a large, unheated space. "The paint isn't real good. I painted it with a brush ya know, and it was so cold the paint got real stiff." When I asked him how he decided on the country western motif. "I had been saving those horns for years and when I saw the flower car it was a no-brainer". Gordon has a way of seeing the obvious, and seems puzzled that other's cannot see that vision.

I asked Gordy what his plans for the car were.  " I'm going to drive it to Texas, run it in a parade, then sell it." A man of vision.


Elaine Toft (BloggerToots) said...

This is downright endearing. Maybe a shoo-in for the Back to the '50s Car Show, State Fair grounds next weekend?

Elaine Toft (BloggerToots) said...

This ain't Texas, but what about a practice run in this car show's parade. Just sayin'...