Saturday, July 13, 2013


Day three, cataract removed and lens implanted in left eye.

Late last night I sat on the Lanesboro deck. The 'Boro has very little light pollution - few street lights, etc. It was a clear night and as I listened to the distant cattle down at the livestock barn complaining about death and taxes to the coyotes up on the north rim, I sat bedazzled by the night sky. I didn't realize my stars had become vanishing fuzzy spots of light. Now they are tiny crystals of light on black velvet. I will never take a night sky for granted again.

My vision in the left eye went from 20-450 to 2-30, but I will still need glasses to deal with my severe astigmatism. Next Thursday I have the right eye done and after they stabilize I get new glasses.

May all your visions be beautiful.
Be well and take care out there,


Mimbres Man said...

We take a lot simple beauty for granted. Glad you're seeing things more clearly.

George A said...

Glad to hear your eye surgery was a success. Ditto for the other eye.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing so wonderful as clear vision . . . and an unobscured night sky to look at. Congratulations and good wishes on the surgery. Now you'll be able to count all the wrinkles at the class reunion. Yikes! Don't look at me!


Gunnar Berg said...

Cheri, Thanks. Don't worry. I know what you look like and I think you're special.

Silk Hope said...

That Garden is going to look 100% better. Time flies! Next week will be a year since we last had a brew and a cigar. :-/ See you next year for sure.

Gunnar Berg said...

Silk, Hope to lose another 20 lbs by then.

Grady said...

Congrats on the surgery and the weight loss.

I am heading down a similar path with the eye surgery.... so it is encouraging to hear about your success.

Also, thanks for the birthday well wishes.

Enjoy your day!