Monday, August 19, 2013

Back Alleys and Church Hill Cottage Update

It is all down hill from here.
Sunday evening walk from Church Hill down to Riverside On the Root for a beer and burgers.

And then the trudge up the hill back to the cottage. By actual GPS measurement the walking distance up the hill is 3.7 times the distance than the downhill stroll.

Numbers don't lie.

Shoulder to shoulder houses typical of the old village hillside.

Riverside On the Root.

Charlie, dancers and Ms Lorna between bites.
Back uphill.

Barn Swallows
Top of Church Hill.
The Cottage from the back.

Front entry hats.

Split cane rods.
McLean and leather.

Bud's corner.


George A said...

4934Nice pix Gunnar. Keep climbing those hills and you'll be like that Colombian cyclist that made the podium at this year's TdF.

Gunnar Berg said...

Me and Charly Gaul.