Thursday, January 8, 2015

Joplin, Missouri

Without a co-pilot I was the mercy of Edna - Edna, the ​Goddess of Garmin. Following her directions ​explictly, ​I was out of Kansas City headed south before I realised she had sent me on an alternate​ to our usual​ Lorna edited westerly route​. In a fit of adventure, I went with the new route. So ​tonight I find myself camped in ​a motel in Joplin, Missouri rather than Empor​i​a, Kansas. Ms Edna has been at this for a while. She's really a quit good guide unless she is derailed by road work ​detours, so this is likely a shorter route to deep Texas, but ​it did not send me through the Flint Hills​, one of my favorite places in the world​. It will likely still be there in the Spring​, but the Little Bluestem grasses will be a metallic green instead of the flowing russet waves of winter.

Speaking of waves, as I left Albert Lea I noted that Fountain Lake is covered by petrified white water waves - snow white (duh) high-wind sculpted waves, cut with the blue snow shadows of the crystal clear mid-winter sunshine. Stop. Stop and really, really look at it. With an open mind and open heart ... it can be a religious experience. :-)

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