Saturday, January 17, 2015

Texas Home

If any of these photographs make this place look plush they are misleading. It is a very poor town and most of the money and the majority of the "Winter Texans" live across the expressway on the other side of town. There is a small sheet metal fabricator next door, miscellaneous barking dogs, an alert watch-goose, and railroad tracks across the busy street to the north.

All that said, the people of the neighborhood and apartments are friendly, we have a fairly large apartment with a functional kitchen, a bedroom with a comfortable king-size bed, views of beautiful gardens from covered verandas on both front and back, wi-fi, cable, laundry, etc. We get by.

View from front veranda.
View from rear veranda.
View of street.

Laundry door.

Stay warm, -G.


Margadant said...

I like it. It's where a serious, functioning birder should be holed up, washing socks, cleaning binocs, and camera lens.

George A said...

As long as there's beer and grub within walking distance it looks like you're set for the duration.

Iharriso55 said...

Hope you've got as good a set of neighbours as last year!


Gunnar Berg said...

Ian, Not nearly as fine. It just isn't the same. I hope the new house is working out for you. Be well.