Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kvale Cheesecake Pictures

I was at the cottage over a long weekend mowing lawn and continuing my seemingly Sisyphean task of sanding and painting. (I do not believe in 70 years I have ever used that word before.) The weather was cool but sunny and really quite nice so I rolled down the hill for lunch with J.T. then rode out to Frank's Oz rhubarb garden just to check things out. When I returned I parked the Kvale in the dining room (note the neatly painted wood trim) and later dug out a real camera rather than a toy for a proper photo op.                         Obviously I am not not rational about this bicycle. 

Almost perfect fender lines - a surprisingly difficult task to pull off.
Older Brooks Pro perched on a Paul post.

Campagnolo Corsa Record RD
Campagnolo track crank - White pedals with Nitto cages

Curtis Odom hubs.
Leather laced over fabric wraps. And an assort of very beautiful handmade parts.

Take care, be well,

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Silk Hope said...

This is like a well oiled Baseball glove. Your still working on her.