Monday, May 25, 2015

The Cottage Crab

Long live the queen. Commanding the back yard of the cottage there is a flowering crab. Most "modern" trees are compact, dwarf. They are practical, yet somehow lacking .... lacking grace. This one is forty or fifty feet tall. In Spring it is covered with flowers, in late Summer a herd of deer come every evening to clean up the dropped fruit, even stretch-standing on their rear legs to glean apples off the lower branches, before curling up in the wet moonlight grass to sleep it off until morning. 

Unfortunately we all get old. Like many of us this tree looks fine from the window side but the other side is hollow to the point of non-existence. The trunk is a half shell of rotting wood. It is time ... I have delayed the inevitable for three years. It is scheduled for removal as soon as Dave Norby can fell it with his chainsaw. 

Our neighbor, Marv sent me these pictures yesterday. A good tree, it really knew how to flower - it gave it everything it had - feeding the bees for decades. I will miss its show. 

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