Friday, January 1, 2016

Jerry's Tree

I don't know Jerry, but I like his work, his attitude. Every year we drive by this tree along I-35 and I say to myself, "I have to take a picture of that tree sometime. But of course I never do. Photos and videos pale though; it is something you really have to actually see unexpectedly - come around the bend from the north and POW! there it is. I recently read that the house is for sale so this year may be the last. There seems to always be an end to good things.

Lorna and I are headed to the Lower Rio Grande Valley next week.

You all have a great 2016.  I know I'm planning on having one.



Ian Harrison said...

Happy New Year to you both! Please give our love to all we know in Alamo.

Arizona for us in April.

Julie & Ian xx

Gunnar Berg said...

Ian, England is cold, wet and dreary sometimes. You know where the sun shines. We'll keep the light on. Give Julie a big hug.

George A said...

Nice post for the start of the new year! I don't have enough energy for that kind of project--glad somebody does. Enjoy the warm down south.

Gunnar Berg said...

Thank you George. I am looking forward to it. I hope you have an occasion to tow your Moth down to Florida waters this year. Be warm.

George A said...

Yep, thanks, we'll be going. Wife has already booked the hotel we like in Gulfport (FL). I feel a little guilty about going this year since we have had record high temperatures here until today, which started off below freezing but it's sunny and will most likely top out in the mid-40s. If it keeps it up I may have to mow the grass. Some of the cherries along the tidal basin in DC have blossomed. An odd winter but as long as there's nothing I have to shovel I'm not complaining.

Gunnar Berg said...

Same here too, although it is ..... a matter of degrees.