Odin sacrificed an eye, trading eyesight for insight, and disguised as Vegtam the Wanderer, traveled the world in quest of the wisdom of the ages. I have the eye sacrifice part covered. I'll get back to you when that wisdom thing kicks in.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


I got nothin', no connective narrative, no stunning birds, no rare birds; I really got nothin' today. After breakfast we went to Estero Llano, took a few pictures, the wind came up and we went home. Oh, we did see a Barn Owl being chased by a falcon, probably a Merlin - first Barn Owl I have seen in years. Very cool.

Middle of the afternoon Lorna went across the garden to talk with Cathy Mauck; Paul and Bill came over, we sat in the veranda shade and drank a couple of beers. An okay day, not fabulous, but pleasant.

May your life have a few pleasant days, - Gunnar

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