Friday, September 22, 2017

Oakwood - 09/22/2017 One Warbler

I did some light gardening, transplanting things here and there, and digging weeds out of the bricks with a screwdriver because I lost my heavy lock-back knife. The knife functioned really well and it belonged to my long dead brother. It has been gone for a month - a real bummer.

It was hot - in mid 90s. There must have been a hundred pre-school kids splashing in the city water park at the end of Broadway. Then back to 1410, hoping to see a hundred heat-beating birds splashing in my water park.

I sat in the shade, listening to music, drank a beer and waited - lit a cigar. And waited. Waited. Waited. Desperate, I switched to a more butterfly friendly lens and moseyed down to the Weed Garden. ("Mosey" is a distinctly warm weather word. No one has ever "moseyed" through snow.) There were a large number of butterflies feeding on the New England Asters - obviously a good autumn feeder flower. 

Click! Click! So much for butterflies.

More gardening. Very hot. Then back to the bench. Beer two. Re-lit the cigar. Waited. No more birds except the Chickadees, Goldfinches, and Cardinals - no Chipping Sparrows - apparently they have left for warmer (?) climes. Eventually one, one! first year male Redstart showed up - by its black fleck markings, the same one that was there yesterday, though it did stay a little longer this time before the Goldfinches came to splash around and spooked it. 

 No global warming here. Stay cool. - Gunnar

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Redwing said...

Hope that knife turns up...