In the night...the scream of the rabbit is terrible. But the scream of the owl which is not of pain and hopelessness and fear of being plucked out the world, but of the sheer rollicking glory of the death-bringer, is more terrible still.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Oakwood Park: 09/19/2017

Fall migration winding down. Fewer species, fewer numbers. I did see a male Redstart, but I didn't get a shot at it. So I settled for a Wilson's Warbler and a lone Tennessee Warbler. The Wilson's I expect to be solo, but the Tennessees usually come in flocks.  A Yellow-bellied Flycatcher  nicely posed. And a, what-the-hell take what you get, Chickadee.

If you look closely at the eye you can see  a distorted reflection of the Growlery where I was sitting. Very cool.


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Redwing said...

Nice. I'm enjoying some fall migration over here at my end, too.