Saturday, March 24, 2018


We have been back in Minnesota from the Rio Grande Valley for one week. We may have pushed the calendar a little this year. I have given most of my serious winter gear to the Salvation Army, but I kept an emergency set of winter clothes, just in case of an outbreak of snowblowers. I am currently in my stall mode, drinking another cup of coffee. I am wearing malone pants with sturdy leather braces, long underwear, and knee-high Filson wool socks. L.L. Bean 14" insulated duck boots, Filson double-cruiser, Makinaw cap and choppers await me. It has struck me that a goodly number of my southerly friends do not even know what I am talking about. Minnesotans of an old school bent certainly do.

Upon returning from the south I made a trip to Farmers Seed to buy black-oil sunflower, niger thistle, and suet cakes. The Chickadees bounced around the branch right over my head watching me fill the feeders. Impatiently dee-deeing, they seemed quite interested in the goings-on ;-). The first one was at the feeder before I closed the door.

Good thing I got my act together; this is the feeder this morning. 4" more forecast.

Next year we ain't comin' back 'til May, or June ......... or damned July! - G.


George A said...

Don't know what "choppers" or a Filson double-cruiser are and am too lazy to google search for answers. No doubt cold weather clothing of some sort. Do own a pair of Bean shoes.

Gunnar Berg said...


Unknown said...

You wear all that stuff drinking coffee? What do you wear if you actually go outside?

Redwing said...

We're getting hammered too. I'm with you. I'm planning to stay down south much longer.