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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Bathing Beauty: The Clapper Rail

These suckers are just about impossible to see in the reeds, so when this one walked out it was a once in a lifetime for me. Maybe it was because the morning started out so foggy. This one ran across the flat, then later as the fog lifted, stepped out without shame to bathe in front of god and the whole blessed world. Or at least three of us. I have probably never posted this many photos in one posting, but this bird was so damned marvelous. 

The morning light was dim, but I am not certain why the photos are so dark. Maybe shooting through the fog? When I tried to lighten them a little something seemed lost, so here they are as they came out of the camera, except for cropping.

"90% of the folks there won't know how amazing this event really was. Of the other 10% that knew, 90 % either didn't have a camera or were so awed that they didn't think of taking a picture! That leaves you with these GREAT photos at the top 1 %. However, the photos are 100% amazing." - Joe Sausen

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