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Sunday, May 19, 2019

OakWooD Garden Paths

Warbler migration is still on. Today the American Redstarts arrived in Oakwood from the Caribbean, Central and South America. Some will stay and nest locally, but many just are passing through. This afternoon they were working the brick walkways in the garden. How many? Hard to say, as they were coming and going, I think the most we saw at one time was four or five, both males and females. Redstarts are dainty little things that flit continually spreading  their fan tails as they feed - no seeds for these birds - bugs, bugs and bugs. These photos are all male Redstarts ... and one single male Yellow Warbler who stopped by late to see what the excitement was about.


 - Gunnar

1 comment:

mike w. said...

i especially enjoyed the last redstart photo. He looks like he's about to launch himself at the camera!