Odin sacrificed an eye, trading eyesight for insight, and disguised as Vegtam the Wanderer, traveled the world in quest of the wisdom of the ages. I have the eye sacrifice part covered. I'll get back to you when that wisdom thing kicks in.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Ponds and Puddles of Big Island State Park

We took a hike at Big Island State Park this morning. The sun was warm, grass was green and the skies were blue. These are cellphone shots because I was packing a long lens. There were a few birds, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Swallows, Pelicans, usual suspects - nothing of note except the pair of Trumpeter Swans that nest in the Great Marsh. It is still wonderful seeing Trumpeter Swans. If I can stay above the sod long enough maybe I can see them become as dirt common as Eagles or Pelicans.

I will get around to downloading (or is it uploading?) the camera photos eventually. A full plate right now. Be well - G.

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Nancy Wolf said...

What a serene place to visit.