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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Does This Ruffle Your Feathers?

I have been playing with my camera settings. I decided I needed to up my game a little, to increases my depth of field to sharpen up the detail from beak to tail tip.

This time of the year, between juvenile plumage, molting, transitional plumage, there are some tough looking birds out there that look like they have a done a round or two with a cat. Here are some from yesterday. I am happy with the direction the photography is going. Not so much with the birds. The Nashville Warbler was a first of season though. But looks like hell.

Nashville Warbler
Nashville Warbler

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Redwing said...

Yeah, your camera work is great. Mine seems to have dropped off. Birds at our end haven't been too impressive either. We did take a trip over to Alberta to a protected area, and the birding there was much better.