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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Addy NOT in India

Adena's home from India, suffering from a cold and severe jetlag. She's slowly improving and starting to move about normally. She's sleeping better, craving Dark Stouts, and starting to run again; all good signs.

She's been reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, tempered by her old friend, Jack Kerouac, to pass the time. She just booked bus tickets for herself and her younger cousin 'Rissa (her Addy-in-Training). The next in line. On the 5th, Thelma and Louise will be long gone on Greyhound on a rambling trip south, then over to San Francisco for a few days, before heading up to Seattle, probably by train, to visit relatives. Eventually an airplane will bring them back to the Heartland. It's good to have her back for a while.


The CRZA said...
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The CRZA said...

Q: Why does she wear a bindi?
A: View the Answer Here

Gunnar Berg said...

It is a little known fact that Gwen Stephani's real name is Adena Berg.