Sunday, June 29, 2008

Garden Music

It's a beautiful day. Bud (da dog: aka Damn-you-Bud!) and I spent some serious time down in the garden, working a little, half napping in the sun, and watching Hummingbirds probing in the flowers and Cedar Waxwings in the Juneberry bushes. There is a bandshell across the bay and the music of the bands playing on Sunday afternoons carries across the water. They are small time groups, sometimes Conjunto, sometimes Gringo, but like all good Minnesota garage bands, they can go from Country, to Rock & Roll, to Polkas (known around here as "Old Tyme") at the pull of an accordian. Ya, you betcha!

The overgrown bicycle is a 70's Volkscycle. It is surprisingly lightweight, but really poorly crafted and finished. I was intending to build it up more, but the vines and canes seem to have taken it for their own. I guess it will slowly compost in situ.

Bud's main hobbies tend to involve revolting odors and he doesn't seem to appreciate music or songbirds. But he knows how get the most out of a little sunshine and he's generally good company.

Nap city.

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