Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

The leaves of the oaks were flashing with reflections from the sun bouncing off the water. Breath taking...but effemoral and impossible to photogragh. Sorry.
Ad called from India this morning, which made it already a perfect Father's Day. It was cool and sunny, with just enough breeze to keep the wind chimes singing. In the afternoon we did some light garden maintenance and then I read most of the day.

I finished re-reading A River Runs Through It again. Stylewise, Norman Maclean is the flipside of Ernest Hemingway. He's maybe a little wordy, but spirtually he's certainly more in my world than Ernest. I was reading from a hardbound copy with woodcuts by Barry Moser. It's tough to beat reading a good story from a real book, beautifully bound.

We got some grass fed beef from Amy's uncle, so in the evening we had steak and mushrooms on the grill, with just a little too much Tempranillo.

Another good day notched on the calendar.

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