Friday, January 23, 2009

Kvale Bicycle

Serendipitously, the day after seeing Chris, one of his older bikes showed up on eBay. It was going too cheap. Almost embarrassingly so. I was high bidder, but it didn't meet the reserve. I recognized the seller's name and I contacted him and we struck a deal.

Chris Kvale just called with some interesting information concerning this frame. Frame 8405 was originally built up with Campagnolo Nouvo Record components. It was originally Chris' personal bike that he rode for a number of years. The "Kvale" stamped in the bottom bracket was the owner's name, as well as the builders name. If that was noted on the Ebay description I must have missed it.

Also, our conversation came around to the internet and Chris wondered what Marshall McLuhan would think of how it has evolved. He said it was a more public form of media than he was really comfortable with. Out of respect for his feelings, I have deleted the photo of him which I posted earlier.

1 comment:

A23 said...

Lovely frame!

I have always contended that bike parts sell better in winter than they do in summer.

We'll have to see it built up.