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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Storm

I've been drinking Schell Snow Storm lately. You have to love a good beer with a blend of nine (9!) malts. It's a really good beer, but ephemeral. When it's gone - it's gone! And we will have wait until next year when they will surprise us again. Below snipped from their website:

Much like snowflakes, no two Snowstorm beers are alike. Once a year, our brewmasters lock themselves in the testing room with a secret selection of fine malts and hops, only emerging when they've hit upon something truly extraordinary.

Beer Style: Weihnachtsbier

Alcohol by Volume: 6%
Flavor/Color Profile: Snow Storm 2008 was designed with the cold days of winter in mind. Reddish-brown in color with a complex maltiness yielding hints of spicy rye, sourdough and chocolate. Brewed with nine different malts, including copious amounts of Munich and a touch of Rye.

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