Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fishing Elegance

Thses are some old fishing rods and reels that hang on the walls in my den. I didn't buy any of them; it's all inherited from family or friends. It's still kind of a shame for me to have it, as I am NOT a serious fisherman. Both rods are split Tonkin Cane. The 2-piece lighter one is signed 'Dale Reed "55"- Made in England'. The longer 3-piece is unsigned, but made in England and still quite nice.

I come a long line of lake fisherman, so I have a number of bait casting set-ups. I picked three I thought were interesting. The top is a solid steel rod with a checkered wood handle - a fishing "rod". The bottom rod is tubular steel with an "Anti-back Lash" bar on the reel. It's old enough that the reel doesn't yet have one of those new-fangled mechanisms to spool the line on evenly back and forth. The middle set-up is 2-piece split cane with red glass lining in the eyelets.

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A23 said...

Really lovely stuff. Reminds me of my Grandpa's gear that used to lean in the corner of his basement shop.

I still have his cane-creel and wood framed net.

Stupid progress...